• Counterweight3 is a blend of balance and elegance in form.  The horizontals are configured to have an overall elliptical shape, while the verticals express the weighted offset that keeps the balance. *Shown in images: Reclaimed fir wood vertical support and horizontal planks, Black-stained reclaimed mdf Plain aluminum accents Dimensions: 30” x 60” x 6½” d Surface: 18”-30” x 6½” lengths
  • Flock is a combination of the 3 Wingspan models sharing the same vertical support.  Proportioned tiers give a nesting effect that maximizes shelf space. Cherry wood w/clear anodized aluminum accents 1/4” thick polished edge glass Base (overall): 29”x36” x 6-8” d Surface: 10½” x 6”
  • The bird-like form spreads to support the glass as it spans this 20” distance.  Exposed supporting pin shafts visually connect to make a curvilinear stripe back to the body of the shelf. *Shown in images: 1-ply bamboo w/clear anodized aluminum accents 1/4” thick polished edge glass Base: 21” x 7” x 7” d w/9” vertical center piece Surface: 22” x 7½”
  • The extended version offers a longer span with a similar look of the Wingspan-Mid. the pin lengths are increased as each rotating member is larger than the original. *Shown in images: Walnut wood w/clear anodized aluminum accents 3/16” thick polished edge glass Base: 29” x 8” x 8” w/10” vertical center piece Surface: 30” x 8½”


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