Locally Designed & Built in Portland, Oregon, USA.

What We’re All About

The objective of Radius is to create furniture that is rich in experience and quality by integrating both trigonometry and common joinery.  All of these functional art pieces are thoughtfully designed and produced without the use of screws, glue, or nails.  Radius Furniture Design is a family-owned local business out of Portland, Oregon that takes pride in offering pieces that will last a lifetime.

Material combinations are plentiful as every finished product is made-to-order to be as custom as desired.

Home or office-Radius can breathe life into any space that you want to enhance through material and motion.

Meet the Designer… and the Family

Don Faris | Education & Experience:
⊕ Master of Architecture: University of Oregon
⊕ 15+ years experience in the architectural field in Portland, OR and Washington, DC

With over 15 years of practicing architecture professionally, I feel that I bring forward-thinking enthusiasm to the furniture design industry.  It’s about lines, curves, light, shadow, tectonics and structure… a recipe for implied motion, dynamic forms, and lasting function for daily life  With sketchbook in hand, I am always looking to bring the expressive qualities of Radius designs to new levels, through principles of mathematics, proportion and joinery.

Radius has transformed over the years from a one-man show in 2000 into today’s family-owned operation with my wife, Joanne and children, Andrea, Evander & Renzo.  We look forward to continuing what we feel matters – keeping small businesses thriving and sharing design with all.